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Graduation Requirements and Course Selection

Course Registration for the 2023-24 School Year is set to begin in January 2023 with students in current grades 9-11. 

In preparation for this, we have been doing lessons with students in advisory with topics that will help them make decisions when the course selection process begins in January.  The series of videos are available in the links below.  Students and parents may access the links to watch the videos regarding the topics covered. 

We have begun holding individual appointments with students and will continue these meetings through the first week of March.  All course selections will be completed by Spring break. 

Please use the links below to access the videos.  Links will be added each week when the videos are released.   Also included below is a PDF of the Powerpoint slides in each of the videos. 


23-24 Course Scheduling - How High School Works

23-24 Course Scheduling - Graduation Requirements

23-24 Course Scheduling - Grading & GPA

23-24 Course Scheduling - Resources

23-24 Course Scheduling - Selecting Courses

PowerPoint Presentations: 

How High School Works PowerPoint PDF

Graduation Requirements PowerPoint PDF

Grading & GPA PowerPoint PDF

Course Scheduling Resources PowerPoint PDF

Course Selections PowerPoint PDF

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